Radial Flow Reactor Scallops

Radial Flow Reactor Scallops

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Radial flow reactor scallops consist of wedge wire profiles welded on support rods. Within radial flow reactors, scallops create an outer slit screen positioned along the inner vessel surface.

The reactor scallops are designed to distribute or collect the flow. Scallops hold the packing, collect, and direct the flow.

Fluid flows radially through a packed catalyst bed or reactive media in the radial flow reactor. The outer surface of the scallop contacts the catalyst.

The wedge wire reactor scallops can create a radial flow pattern, ensuring uniform distribution of fluids and optimal interaction between reactants. This innovative design enables:
▪ Up to 30% increase in reaction rates
▪ Enhanced mass transfer rates, resulting in improved conversion and yield
▪ Reduced pressure drop and energy consumption
▪ Increased scalability and flexibility in process design

Main Benefits of Radial Flow Reactor Scallops
▪ High-Quality Construction
The scallop is made from premium stainless steel for long-lasting durability and resistance to wear and corrosion.
▪ Efficient Flow Distribution
Radial design ensures uniform fluid distribution and minimizes channeling.
▪ Reduced Maintenance
Wedge wire structure minimizes clogging, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
▪ Improved Reaction Efficiency
Enhanced flow distribution leads to better reaction kinetics and higher conversion rates.
▪ Prevent catalyst leakage
▪ Gaps between scallops to compensate for the thermal expansion

Applications of Radial Flow Reactor Scallops
They are particularly beneficial in packed bed reactors, trickle bed reactors, and other applications where effective fluid-solid contact is crucial.

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